Vividcon 2009
2009 Envelope Pushers of the Past

The first vids were long clips to accessible (and often sappy) music. Almost immediately, some fans started to push the boundaries: speed them up, add non-fannish clips, edit the music, add text, go meta, you name it. See the vids that astonished con goers in the 80s and 90s. VJ: Sandy

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Walking and Falling Tashery Laurie Anderson Blakes 7 None
In the 90s and early 90s, vid songs were generally accessible pop ballads and themes from musicals; this bold choice of song was astonishing and perfect.
2 Heartbreaker Deejay Pat Benatar The Professionals None
The vidder used a non-humorous song to subvert the usual view of Ray Doyle--making a very funny vid.
3 Crucify Katharine, Media Cannibals and Pam Tori Amos Homicide: Life on the Street None
This vid is an amazing character study. It is also the first vid I ever saw that used jump cuts and made them work. They were taken directly from the source, mirroring a change in mundane TV editing that has continued to affect vidding til this day.
4 Centerfield California Crew John Fogerty Multi None
We'd seen multimedia vids before this, but never one that tried to create an actual crossover between the sources!
5 Orinoco Flow (Data's Dream) (original) GF aka Gayle, ShadowSongs and Tashery Orinoco Flow Enya Multi None
This vid is gorgeous, it has a ingenious frame (not a technique commonly used in vids of the time) and it uses source we think of as "fannish" and other source we don't, mixed together perfectly.
6 Turn the Page Megan Kent and Sandy Bob Seger Led Zeppelin RPS None
Fans were vidding RPS long before Popslash, LoTRiPS, Bandom, and J2.
7 Tapestry Mary Van Deusen Carole King Star Trek TNG None
By 1990 when this vid was made, MVD had already been vidding for years, and it shows in this perfectly told story.
8 Java Jive Chicago Station Manhattan Transfer The Sandbaggers None
Timing, timing, timing!
9 Strong Enough Jill Sheryl Crow Wiseguy None
I don't know which amazed me more--the exquisite timing or the depth of the storytelling.
10 Finland, Finland Leigh M. Monty Python The drawings of Tom of Finland None
Fannish is what we say it is, dammit; and you have to admit, Tom of Finland shared the early slasher's love of very male bodies.
11 Prison Sex Jo Tool Oz None
Initially, slash vids were done to a relative handful of G-rated sources, and yet at gen cons, were still played late at night or in "adult-only" spaces, solely for the implications we hinted at. This vid goes way beyond implications and G-rated source...
12 I Would Do Anything for Love Carol McCoy I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) Meatloaf Blakes 7 None
An early use of including fannish art in vids, and hilarious to boot.
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