Vividcon 2008
2008 Challenge: FUCK YOU!

A double-blind show, in which vidders respond anonymously to our challenge. Vids will be both shown and discussed in the show. This year's challege theme is FUCK YOU! VJs: concom

## Denotes premiering video
# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 What We Had Cherry Handsome Furs Doctor Who (2005) None
Martha, Jack, Mickey. It's all just empty space.
2 Tear You Apart bradcpu She Wants Revenge Firefly None
It feels so right. A Simon/Kaylee vid.
3 Modern Man kuwdora Bad Religion Heroes, Stargate Atlantis and Torchwood None
Modern man: pathetic example of Earth's organic heritage.
4 Don't Think Twice Barkley Mike Ness Stargate SG-1 None
You just kinda wasted my precious time.
5 Can't Tell Me Nothing dragonchic Kanye West American Gangster None
Either you're somebody or you ain't nobody.
6 Get Low sisabet Lil John and the Eastside Boys Resident Evil films None
No really, fuck you.
7 I Want You kiki_miserychic I Want You (She's So Heavy) Dana Fuchs, Joe Anderson, & T.V. Carpio Planet Terror, Supernatural and Zombieduck None
An unrealized reality in which the Supernatural and Planet Terror universes fuse together... with zombies sprinkled on top.
8 Transylvanian Concubine Anonymous Rasputina Dexter None
Dexter season 2 featuring Dexter and the transylvanian concubine Lilah (and bonus Doakes).
9 How Much Is That Geisha in the Window? Lierdumoa Boyd's Journey Damon Albarn and Michael Nyman Firefly None
Fuck you, Joss, you racist asshole--an ode to the invisible Asians of Firefly.
10 Sorry Anonymous We're Both So Sorry Mirah Smallville None
I know you'll understand.
11 Down with the Sickness Deejay Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine Doctor Who (2005) None
He be down with the sickness.
12 White America Anonymous Eminem Multi None
To whom it may concern...
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